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Time may grant perspective, but we still remember. My sincere condolences to all those who have lost family, friends and colleagues in horrifying and incomprehensible acts of terrorism, wherever they have occurred.
(Note added 30 March 2016: rightly or wrongly, I have hitherto restricted the events covered below to terrorist outrages involving multiple deaths, but there have been many other killings, specially in the past few years, where individuals or two or three people have suffered death at the hands of terrorists, often in quite horrific circumstances; I may miss a few because there are just so many (and I beg your forgiveness in advance), but it is my intention to record these incidents very briefly in a new section after the section below. The deaths of these individuals are just as tragic as those involving larger numbers and just as painful for their families and loved ones. I remember them all with sadness and respect. To visit the new section, please click here, or scroll down the page.)

2001 11th September United States Tragedy '9/11' - affecting four civilian aircraft, the two main towers of the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington D.C., with a fourth hijacked aircraft crashing near Shanksville, Pennsylvania (thought to have been destined to fly into either the White House or the Capitol in Washington D.C.). In all almost 3,000 people perished. They are not forgotten.
2002 12th October Bali Terrorist Outrage (first) - against a tourist nightspot, in the holiday island of Bali, Indonesia
2004 11th March Madrid Terrorist Outrages - involving bomb attacks on four busy commuter trains and on two stations in the Spanish capital, Madrid
3rd September North Ossetia (Russia) Terrorist Outrages - involving several hundred children held hostage by Chechen terrorists, without food or water, for several days in a school in Beslan
2005 7th July London Terrorist Outrages - against innocent people in London, travelling on the London Underground and on a London bus, killing several dozen and injuring many hundreds
1st October Bali Terrorist Attacks (second) - on three restaurants, in the holiday island of Bali, Indonesia
2008 26th November Mumbai Terrorist Outrages - over three days against innocent people in Mumbai (India), involving two major hotels and several other locations in the city, killing in excess of 170 and injuring many more
2011 24th January Moscow Terrorist Outrage - at Domodedovo airport in Moscow (Russia), killing about 35 and injuring scores more, some very seriously
2013 21st September Nairobi (Kenya) Terrorist Outrage - over a number of days at a shopping centre in Nairobi; it resulted in the deaths of at least 67, with a further 175-plus injured
22nd September Peshawar (Pakistan) Terrorist Outrage (1) - outside All Saints Church in the Pakistani city of Peshawar; this suicide bombing incident happened just after Sunday Mass today, when worshippers were exiting the church and it is reported that 75 have been killed and that in excess of 120 have been injured
2014 17th July Ukraine Terrorist Outrage - a civilian airliner with 298 passengers and crew (Malaysian Airlines flight MH17, on a scheduled flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, using a Boeing 777 aircraft) has been shot out of the sky, apparently by a surface-to-air missile, with debris and bodies landing over a 10 mile area, in the Donetsk area of eastern Ukraine. At the time of writing (18JUL14) there is no evidence publicly available about who may have launched the missile, but according to the President of the United States (who presumably has access to much classified satellite data) it probably originated in a part of eastern Ukraine currently under the control of pro-Russian rebel forces.
20th September approx. Reportedly 15 unnamed individuals (relatives of local police officers) were beheaded by Islamic ('Taliban'/'ISIL') terrorists in the Ghazni province of Afghanistan; over 100 people were reportedly killed.
1st October (date reported) Reportedly 10 unnamed individuals beheaded in eastern Syria/Iraq - apparently included 2 male and 3 female Kurdish fighters, 4 Syrian arab rebels and 1 male Kurdish civilian.
December (precise date unknown) ISIL reportedly beheaded 100 foreign fighters attempting to desert in Raqqa (Syria).
15th - 16th December Sydney Terrorist Outrage - a lone gunman held 17 customers and staff hostage in a coffee-shop in the Central Business District of Sydney (Australia), at the conclusion of which, in an armed struggle, one customer and the manager of the coffee-shop were shot, the first dying on the way to hopsital and the second at the scene. Although treated as an Islamic-inspired outrage, it appears the gunman may have been an individual involved in criminal activities in Iran (where he came from) and in Australia and who was to have been tried as an accessory in his wife's murder, as well as holding extremist Islamic views which made the Australian Islamic community very wary of him; the gunman was killed at the scene.
16th December Peshawar (Pakistan) Terrorist Outrage (2) - Pakistani Taliban militants have attacked an army-run school in Peshawar, killing 141 people, 132 of them children, according to military sources. There are said to be scores of survivors being treated in hopsital, although injury levels are not clear yet. It seems that seven Taliban militants were involved in the attack.
2015 7th-9th January Paris Terrorist Outrages - death toll in 4 separate locations; 17 victims and 3 of the terrorists. It began with an attack on well-known satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in which 12 people were killed, including the editor and 3 other cartoonists and 2 police officers, with a further 11 injured. The attack was carried out by three (two?) Moslem extremist gunmen and after a hide-and-seek operation across a wide area north-east of Paris, two were cornered in a printing works in Dammartin-en-Göele (Seine-et-Marne) and very close to the main Paris airport of Roissy-Charles de Gaulle two days later; they were killed by police when they exited the building firing weapons. On 8th January a police officer was shot dead in the Paris suburb of Montrouge by one or two terrorists. On 9th January, two terrorists took hostages in a Kosher (i.e. Jewish) grocery store, resulting in the deaths of 4 of the hostages. One of these two terrorists was shot dead, the other has escaped and is being searched for although various reports indicate she may already have left France and perhaps have travelled to Syria. Free speech must be defended and maintained and terrorists not permitted to prevail by intimidating us into silence!
February 10 alleged spies beheaded by ISIL members. ISIL believed they were spies for Mossad and the Egyptian Army; this was in response to the buffer zone the Egyptian government placed along the Gaza–Egypt border.
February 21 Coptic Egyptian masons beheaded by ISIL by the sea shore in Tripoli, Libya, having been captured in Sirte in December 2014. The precise date of the murders is not known, but a video of it was released by ISIL on 15th February.
18th March Tunis (Tunisia) terrorist outrage - 3 gunmen launched an attack at the Bardo National Museum (adjacent to the Tunisian Parliament building), killing 21 people (mostly European tourists from two visiting cruise ships), although a further wounded individual died 10 days later. Two of the gunmen, both Tunisian nationals, were killed at the scen; the third gunment remains at large. ISIL claimed responsibility, however, the Tunisian government blamed a local splinter group of al-Qaeda and the Tunisian police killed nine members in a raid on 28th March.
2nd April Garissa (Kenya) Terrorist Outrage - at least 147 students and others have been killed in an al-shabab Islamic armed terrorist attack on Garissa University in north-eastern Kenya; luckily more than 500 or so managed to escape, of whom 79 were injured and of these, 9 critically injured were airlifted to the capital Nairobi for treatment. It seems those killed were asked if they were Christian or Moslem and were then shot if they were non-Moslem. Four terrorists died when their suicide vests detonated and it is reported that a fifth has been arrested. NB/ A BBC report on this attack is here. It will be recalled that there was an earlier al-shabab attack on a shopping centre in Nairobi in September 2013, in which at least 67 were killed and a further 175+ injured.
April 28 Ethiopian Christians were shot and/or beheaded in Libya, precise date and location unknown, but ISIL released a video of the murders on 19th April.
26th June Port el Kantaoui (Sousse, Tunisia). One or more armed gunmen killed 40 on the beach and nearby areas; the victims were mostly western tourists holidaying in the resort.

Terrorist outrages where one or a very few victims were brutally murdered

2013 22nd May Fusilier Lee Rigby (UK), hacked to death and beheaded by Islamic terrorists in London.
2014 19th August James Foley (US) - journalist beheaded by Islamic terrorists ('ISIL') in Syria.
28th August Sergeant Ali al-Sayyed (Jordan) - beheaded by Islamic terrorists ('ISIL') in Lebanon during the 'Battle of Arsal'.
2nd September Steven Joel Sotloff (Israel/US) - journalist beheaded by Islamic terrorists ('ISIL') in Syria.
13th September David Haines (UK) - humanitarian worker beheaded by Islamic terrorists ('ISIL') in Syria.
Precise dates unkbown - Soldier Abbas Medlej (Lebanon) believed beheaded by Islamic terrorists ('ISIL') in Lebanon (captured during the 'Battle of Arsal'
- An unidentified Kurdish soldier was beheaded following capture (in Iraq?). The fate of the other 23 soldiers believed captured and seen in a video is unknown.
24th September Hervé Gourdel (France) - a mountaineering guide beheaded by Islamic terrorists ('ISIL') in Algeria.
3rd October approx. Alan Henning (UK) - humanitarian worker beheaded by Islamic terrorists ('ISIL') in Syria.
10th October Reportedly 3 men were beheaded in Bajil (Iraq), according to an Iraqi security official.
11th October Raad al-Azzawi (Iraq) - a TV Salaheddin cameraman beheaded by Islamic terrorists ('ISIL') in Iraq; 'Reporters without Borders' ('RSF') also reported that al-Azzawi's brother and several other civilians were also kidnapped and killed, possibly also by beheading. It is believed he had refused to work for ISIL and that he and the others were murdered as 'punishment'. The latest atrocity follows an attack on the TV station in December 2013 with suicide bombs during which 5 journalists were killed, for "distorting the image of Iraq's Sunni community". These attacks are apparently part of a widespread organized effort to control the press through violence (at about the same time, the AP news agency reported that ISIL beheaded a number of journalists in Syria).
16th November Peter Edward Kassig (also known as Abdul-Rahman Kassig) - a US-born former soldier and later humanitarian aid worker in Syria and Lebanon, he was taken captive in eastern Syria by ISIL on 1st October and subsequently beheaded.
(The same ISIL video which revealed Kassig's murder, also showed the beheading of 21 Syrian soldiers in gruesome detail.)
2015 c. January & 30th Janaury Haruna Yukawa (born Masayuki Yukawa and who aspired to become a private military contractor providing protection to Japanese companies in areas of conflict) and Kenji Goto (a journalist brought in to interpret after the capture of Haruna Yukawa in April 2014), both Japanese nationals, were beheaded by ISIL in Syria. After the initial capture in April 2014, Goto succeeded in obtaining both their releases, when both returned to Japan, but Yukawa soon returned to Syria where he disappeared after July 2014 and ISIL released a video of him on the ground bleeding, with Goto returning in October to try to secure Yukawa's release again, this time without success.
January (precise date unknown) Hujam Surchi, a Peshmerga officer, beheaded a few days before Kenji Goto, allegedly by a Kurdish member of ISIL.
January/February (precise date unknown) Lieutenant Moath Youssef al-Kasasbeh, a pilot in the Royal Jordanian Air Force, was murdered by ISIL in Syria, possibly upto a month before a video of it was released by ISIL on 3rd February. He was captured near Raqqa (Syria) when his aeroplane came down during a mission against ISIL in December 2014. The video shows him allegedly being burnt to death in a metal cage whilst he was alive, but a convincing report I have read alleges he was in fact shot in the head before his body was burnt; it is further alleged that there are clear signs in the video that the flames in it were created by computer-generated imagery ('CGI') and the alleged 'hoax' video issued to instil fear in Arab countries; if true it seems to me this is a plausible alternative scenario for what was undoubtedly an especially cruel and horrible way to murder someone, however it was carried out in reality.

Rest in Peace.

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Terrorism cannot, and must not, ever be appeased.

ch must be defended and maintained and terrorists not permitted to prevail!