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The graphical buttons (in .gif format) shown here were all created by me. I used Adobe PhotoDeluxe version 2.0 to help me prepare them. You should be able to use any similar software to manipulate these images for your own purposes. The signs on this page are all 2.12 x 0.6 cm.

You are welcome to copy and use these buttons as you see fit; I have included a 'blank' button so you may add your own text messages to create buttons of your own. A link back to my site (, if you decide to use any of these buttons, would be a thoughtful gesture.

I shall probably add additional button sets in due course.

Green Bordered Graphics




Blue Bordered Graphics




Borderless Graphics


To copy an image
  • Place your cursor over the image you want to copy
  • Click on your 'right' mouse button
  • Click on 'save as' and either use the existing file-name or rename the image with a name of your choice
  • Click on 'save' to complete the operation.

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