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- I'm changing the way I update my comments (30 Mar 2003)

- My blogger site has problems (28 Mar 2003)

- War in Iraq is a necessary evil (25 Mar 2003)

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I'm changing the way I update my comments (30 Mar 2003)

As from tomorrow (Monday 31st March 2003), I shall not be adding further 'Comment Pages' to this website, but instead will be posting all future comments to my 'blogger' site (

However, apart from the change to the way I post 'Comment', this remains my main website and will be updated from time to time as in the past - visit the rest of my site by clicking on the 'home' link above.

Despite the problems I noted in the article immediately below this one (which have now been resolved), updating the comment pages in this website takes an effort in creating new pages and changing the HTML coding in various other associated pages throughout the site, which I have come to feel gets in the way of the postings themselves. Posting articles and comment to my 'blogger' site is much easier most of the time (except when there are problems with the Blogger host) - I'll let this run for the next few months, at least, and review the situation then.

I'm leaving all the 'Archives' on-line on this website (see links at top or bottom of this page), for all articles written during 2000, 2001, 2002 and for this year (2003) upto 24 April 2003. I consider my own archiving system (showing 'headlines' for each article) to be superior to the purely chronological archiving within the Blogger host, so I shall be adding roughly every six months to my 'blogger' pages a similar kind of linked archive index with article 'headlines' to supplement the chronological archiving provided by the Blogger host. I hope thereofre to facilitate posting new articles 'on the fly' whilst retaining the benefits of a 'headline' index.

My blogger site has problems (28 Mar 2003)

Since yesterday evening I haven't been able to update my 'blogger' site, or at least I can update and post articles, but when I publish to the site, they don't appear in my blog - major irritation. I put in an error ticket yesterday evening and another this morning. Seems to be a 'bug' in the blogger software - which I am sorry about and have sympathy with.

But the whole purpose of using a 'blogger' site is because it is supposed to be easier to publish to the net. However, in the year I've been posting to it, there have been regular problems - so I have to question what the point of continuing with it is. I've never found posting to my own website's 'comment' pages, as I'm doing now, particularly difficult and I've had very few 'bugs' to contend with over the 3 or so years I've been doing it.

Moan ends .... at least temporarily.

War in Iraq is a necessary evil (25 Mar 2003)

After a week of war in Iraq, considerable progress has already been made by American and British armed forces in the process of bringing to an end the brutal regime of Saddam Hussein. I am not one of those who thought that this would be accomplished as rapidly as many seemed to believe - talk of days or weeks was always unrealistically optimistic in my view. So far, the numbers of Iraqi military personnel who have surrendered without fighting has been relatively small and the willingness of ordinary Iraqis in areas where the allied presence has already been felt to show support for the American and British troops passing their way has been minor.

I always believed that it would require time to reassure ordinary Iraqis (i.e. those who livelihoods and indeed their lives do not depend upon the continuation of Saddam Hussein's tyranny) that, this time, they would not be abandoned to the tender merices of the Ba'athist gangsters who run the country - as happened in 1991. This factor now, at last, appears to have become a focus of recent political and military briefings from the British and Americans. It seems that there may, today, be just the very beginning of a change amongst at least some Iraqis - there appears to be a 'popular uprising' amongst some of the citizens of al-Basrah, where Iraqi military personnel (thought to be 'Republican Guard') have been attempting to maintain order by firing into the crowds, a standard technique of the Ba'athists when faced with rebellion. The British military personnel who are outside the city have been using artillery to try and weaken the Iraqi military in the town. It is to be hoped that this city will soon be 'liberated', with allied military ensuring that ordinary Iraqis in the city do not suffer reprisals during the death-throws of the current leadership.

The attempt by the Iraqi military to subdue the population of al-Basrah by such crude means reveals just how morally bankrupt Saddam Hussein's regime is. Similarly, the parading of captured US military personnel on Iraqi television  yesterday in clear contravention of the Geneva convention governing the treatment of prisoners of war is an outrage which demonstrates clearly just why this war was very necessary. One can well understand the genuine feelings of dismay amongst many Iraqis that foreign troops are on their soil in large numbers, so it is particualry important that allied troops do nothing to alienate the ordinary people of Iraq who simply wish to live in freedom and moderate prosperity; they must not be let down as they were in 1991.

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