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- Scottish Conservatives to go the 'family values' extremist route (12 Feb 2003)

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Scottish Conservatives to go the 'family values' extremist route (12 Feb 2003)

According to a report in today's Scotsman newspaper the Scottish Conservatives are preparing to stand on a new "family values" message during the Scottish Parliament elections in an attempt to tease out and harness the religious vote. According to the Scottish Conservative Leader David McLetchie, "The Scottish Conservatives are the only party that truly value faith schools. Not only will we guarantee the future of Roman Catholic schools, we will also give parents from other denominations the right to establish their own state-funded faith schools if there is sufficient support in a particular area."

Mr McLetchie thinks little, apparently, of "... a system of civil registration of same-sex and unmarried heterosexual partnerships. Marriage works, so why create a pale imitation? Same-sex couples have some legitimate grievances that should be addressed. However, this process should be conducted in a practical, case-by-case manner and must not undermine marriage." I strongly suspect this load of waffle is just a coded way of telling the aged and dwindling Scottish Conservative membership that, just like the popular [if inaccurate] image of Canute, he thinks he can hold back the tide.

This development (if this is the correct word for this kind of retrograde and bigoted policy) follows the creation last year of 'The Scottish Conservative and Churches Forum' by Iain Duncan Smith, Leader of the Conservative Party nationally, during a visit to Easterhouse (Glasgow). It appears Conservative policies are designed to appeal to the same type of bigots who supported the hateful Brian Soutar (millionaire boss of transport company 'Stagecoach') in his unsuccessful attempt to halt the abolition of Section 2a (aka 'Clause 28') in Scotland.

The Scottish Conservatives are now really 'scraping the barrel' with their search for policies which might rescue them from the political oblivion they so richly deserve in Scotland.

(On a related note, I observed in the last few days whilst studying the 'hit counter' statistics for this page, that it was visited recently by someone using the so-called 'Christian' Institute server, doing a 'Google' search on the Scottish Conservatives. I am not sure quite what this portends, if anything, although I suspect that the coming few months may, to paraphrase the Chinese proverb, prove 'interesting'.)

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