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- Lord Chancellor Derry Irvine's Pay Raise on Hold (8 Feb 2003)

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Lord Chancellor Derry Irvine's Pay Raise on Hold (8 Feb 2003)

It is reported this evening (link here to a relevant BBC story) that the Lord Chancellor is to forego the 12% pay raise (amounting to about £22,000) announced earlier this week and will instead 'accept' a pay raise of about 2.25%, in line with other public service employees.

Apparently the raise of £22,000 was in line with a long-standing tradition that the Lord Chancellor must always be the highest-paid person in Government (no doubt this was designed to keep the person occupying this post loyal to the Crown and, possibly, help to ensure that the person likewise remained honest). Whatever the 'justice' of such a large pay raise, in terms both of the amount involved and the high level in percentage terms, it should surely have been obvious to the Lord Chancellor himself and even more to the said-to-be politically-savvy Tony Blair that announcing such a large increase was inept, and in a big way, in terms both of public relations and politics.

I can never totally convince myself that 'New Labour' is so very much different from many of the former Communist regimes which ruled much of the world for too many years - very definitely not 'do as we do', but 'do as we tell you'. It's one more illustration of the fact that when Socialists talk about 'equality', they mean it to apply to others (those they govern), not to themselves.

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