Like most people, I enjoy eating food - and like many people in prosperous countries I probably (no, change that, I do) eat far more than is necessary or good for me. On the other hand, I do like to eat quality food which is well prepared. Quantity is by no means so important as quality and style of preparation.

So my food section is written mainly from the point of view of the consumer, although my interest in the subject has led me to experiment  in its preparation.

Whether my interest in the dishes of many cultures has arisen from having lived in many places, or whether my eclectic attitude towards food and other things prompted me to want to live in other countries, who can say. But whatever the explanation, I get great pleasure in trying dishes prepared in many different styles.

You won't find endless recipes here, although there may be a few, rather there will be some information about various food styles, some of my experiences and interests and a few remarks about the aesthetics of food presentation.

The next box has links to pages in the food section of my website, whereas the links at the  bottom of the page will take you to other parts of my website. (This is the newest section of my website, so much of the information in it remains under preparation - please bear with me - October 2002)

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