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September 2016
  • A "senior moment" with my refrigerator and temperature monitoring
  • Further thoughts on the EU, "Brexit" and related matters

August 2016

  • First review - new Sun Dancer restaurant and bar in Nairn
  • Why it became necessary for the UK to vote to leave the EU

July 2016

  • No blogposts this month

June 2016

  • EU Referendum results - the UK votes to leave the EU
  • The EU Referendum in the context of Scotland's place in the UK
  • Thoughts on the Pound and the Stockmarkets ahead of the EU Referendum
  • For Europe, Against the EU
  • Brexit the Movie - essential viewing before you vote in the Referendum on 23rd June

May 2016

  • Nairn - Highland Council refuse collection schedules - 2016 to 2018
  • Scottish Parliament election 2016; results (constituency and regional) in Highland Region
  • UK and EU; should we stay or should we go
  • Inverness (INV) gets back flights to Heathrow (LHR) after a gap of almost 20 years

April 2016

  • How we eat, how we are taught to eat in our home environments
  • Dredging planned at Nairn Harbour - Dredging News Online
  • Scottish Parliament election 2016 - more election literature received
  • Nairn - cricket and sailing on a cool but bright Spring Sunday afternoon
  • Scottish Parliament election 2016 - election literature received
  • "Morality" and the law as it relates to investment and taxation
  • Scottish Parliament election 2016 - constituency and regional candidates in Highland Region

Blog 'Current Posts'

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