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March 2011
  • Kesennuma and its terrifying tsunami ordeal
  • Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor (1932-2011) - R.I.P.
  • Potentially landmark ruling on EU residency rules
  • David Cameron's speech to the Spring conference

February 2011

  • Ed Balls - deficit denier and now personal debt denier
  • Aynaki - Khaled al-Sheikh (Arabic music)
  • Problems with television cable connections - solved
  • At Walmart, the Customer Really Is Always Right
  • Blogroll updated - at last!
  • My brother named "Carnival Prince of Sweikhuizen"
  • Are bacteria the future of data storage?

January 2011

  • Local 'good service' award - "Stitch in Time, Inverness"
  • Rabbie Burns an a' that!
  • Nairn getting emergency pothole repairs?
  • Denying gay civil partners a double-bedded room is illegal
  • Daniel Balavoine: 25 ans déjà
  • Early planning - possible house move in prospect
  • "Brothers & Sisters" - series 5 begins Thursday 20th January on More4
  • The truth about inflation, interest rates and Mervyn King
  • Ballet as acrobatics

December 2010

  • A Joyous Christmas and a Peaceful, Happy and Prosperous New Year
  • Vince Cable is a very silly man - even if I share his views on Murdoch
  • US Senate votes to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"!
  • I have lost the urge to write my blog ...

November 2010

  • How to insult 'with style'
  • Death and torture - at the hands of Saudi employers
  • Personal announcement
  • Another argument for privatising the molly-coddled BBC

October 2010

  • Marjory Sinclair Cameron - Rest in Peace
  • Dear BBC: Can we have the Radio4 "UK Theme" back, please?
  • France Gall (Hommage à Daniel Balavoine) - Evidemment
  • Cameron's 'Rap' in the national interest
  • Tea-times in Scotland out of danger
  • Overblown corporate hype of the day?
  • Digital switchover is coming to Nairn
  • How the fanatic eco-watchers lost their way - in a big way!
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Blog 'Current Posts'

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