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September 2010
  • Will he stay or will he go? Miliband D answers at last.
  • Claymore Dairies, Nairn, to be acquired by Graham's
  • Verbiage blocks road
  • Blogrolls - work in hand
  • Taking heed of media pundits' opinions on any topic at all is a dodgy practice
  • Protest The Pope - Day 2
  • Protest The Pope - Day 1
  • Protest the Pope - the day before
  • Those aircraft carriers and 'Scottish jobs'
  • Terrorism in Russia - not much noticed in British media [so far]?
  • Betty Bowers on "A Bible-based Marriage"
  • Couple to fight adjacent constituencies in Highlands

August 2010

  • A96 Inverness-Nairn dualling - design consultant appointed
  • If you believe in Liberty ... consider taking The John Galt Oath
  • New York and its Islamic Center ('mosque') controversy
  • Another of those political test thingies ...
  • Seventy years ago today ...
  • Thirteen Years of Labour Lies, Deceit and Mismanagement
  • Orthodox Christians attend historic Mass at Turkish monastery

July 2010

  • US Senate forced to accept its writ does not extend outside the US
  • The Megrahi release saga rumbles on ...
  • Ireland gets civil partnership law
  • Dog ban signs to go at Nairn central beach
  • Her Majesty the Queen grants First Minister Salmond an audience
  • The 'Dark Lord' speaks
  • Salmond 'frit'
  • BWV 1052 - just because ...
  • The cleanliness of Moroccan toilets - and poetry, too!
  • Pride London - an estimated 1 million celebrate!
  • Belgium assumes EU Presidency today for the next six months

June 2010

  • McConnell - just one of more than 50 new Peers foisted on us by Brown
  • Belgian authorities raid meeting of Catholic Bishops
  • Diane Abbott MP, Labour's 'joke' leadership candidate
  • How the supposedly 'neutral' Civil Service acts illegally to protect its political masters
  • "Government to axe hundreds of 'unnecessary' websites"
  • Currency markets react positively to our new sensible government
  • France - from the defeat of June 1940 to the liberation beginning May 1944
  • "You May Now Kiss The Groom"
  • Middle-class areas 'must police themselves'
  • Margaret Thatcher at No 10 - what a difference almost three years makes!

May 2010

  • Eurovision 2010 - Oslo - The Final - Saturday 29 May 2010
  • Little things to remember before a journey ...
  • The Labour Party - such [un]lovely people
  • The Conservative-LiberalDemocrat agreement
  • Her Majesty the Queen invites David Cameron to form a government
  • Nairn SNP provost sacked in a move reminiscent of getting Brown out of Downing Street

April 2010

  • The public and the private faces of Gordon Brown
  • The Pope's UK visit and the Foreign Office 'apology'
  • Who should you vote for?
  • Can Tho Bridge in southern Vietnam opens at last
  • LibDems - the clean political party? Yeah, right!
  • St George's Day - 23rd April 2010
  • LibDem's Cable 'skewered' - and not before time!
  • UK inflation rate shows 'unexpected' rise
  • Election 2010 - Candidates in Highland Council area constituencies
  • Election 2010 - Candidates in Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey
  • Volcanic ash, air traffic disruption and the consequences
  • UK Election - 'The Politics Show' on BBC shamelessly padding its schedule
  • Election leaflets online - a great idea!
  • The death of Polish President Lech Kaczynski
  • Nairn and its public swimming pool and leisure complex
  • Conservatives trying to have it both ways on gay rights
  • Celebrating 8 years of blogging - 2,962 posts and counting ...
  • Article heading list for latest 6-month period (October 2009 to March 2010) now up

Blog 'Current Posts'

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