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September 2003
  • Discrimination against gays still legal in the UK, but there are signs of change
  • Atkins Low Carbohydrate Diet - Weeks 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 & 15 (several posts)
  • What can he (Andrew Sullivan) have been on when he wrote this?
  • The EU's latest financial scandal - some comments
  • The United Nations session commences amid universal 'bonhomie'
  • Is 'anti-globalisation' the reason the poorer countries stay poor?
  • 'Section 28' anti-gay legislation almost gone
  • A weekend of culture - Beethoven's Complete Piano Trios
  • New link added - The Adam Smith Institute blog
  • A salutary reminder about the reality of life in Castro's Cuba from Havel, Walesa and Goncz
  • The Hutton Inquiry - where are we now?
  • 11 September 2001 - A Memorial
  • Differences in strategy may jeopardise gay partnership rights in Scotland
  • At last, some common sense from a senior Anglican on the issue of homosexuality
  • Scottish Conservatives go (once more) for the 'homophobe' vote

August 2003

  • "Snorting Coke with the BBC"
  • "Objectionable Content"
  • Atkins Low Carbohydrate Diet - Weeks 7, 8 and 9
  • A 'holiday' from politics, more or less
  • Archives problem resolved and old PC files restored to new PC
  • Problems with Archives
  • Back online with new computer
  • Computer down

July 2003

  • Problems on 'Blogger' page resolved
  • Atkins Low Carbohydrate Diet - Weeks 3, 4, 5, and 6
  • Major downtime with my 'Blogger' page - seems now resolved
  • Uday and Qusay killed in Mosul Shoot-out
  • "You'd make a good concentration camp guard"

June 2003

  • Atkins Low Carbohydrate Diet - Weeks 1 and 2
  • Homosexuality and the Church of England
  • I've been away ....
  • EU Constitution - we need one, but Giscard d'Estaing's effort ain't it
  • Hain edits speech after rebuke from Prime Minister
  • Labour tax-raising agenda - the agenda that 'dare not speak its name'
  • Britain may soon have Gay Partnership legislation
  • Atkins Low Carbohydrate Diet - Day 1
  • Trupti Patel cleared of triple child murder
  • Deletion from my 'Blogrolling' list (
  • Toronto Issues Gay Marriage Licenses After Ruling
  • Why capital punishment was, rightly, abolished
  • The buck-passing starts as the Scottish Parliament building fiasco continues
  • Scottish Parliament building costs escalate - again!

May 2003

  • EU - European Convention - Draft Constitution
  • Congratulations to Turkey - Eurovision Song Contest Winners for 2003!!
  • Free at last! - Juad Amir Sayed emerges after 21 years in hiding in Iraq
  • The 'Fog of War' and honesty, or the lack of it, in war reporting
  • Morocco is hit by deadly bomb attacks
  • Anti-gay discrimination still rife in almost six dozen countries, says Amnesty International
  • A perfect rainbow over Nairn
  • Conservative 'success' in Thursday's elections has probably consigned them to defeat at the next General Election

April 2003

  • Scottish Parliament and Local Government elections - 1 May 2003
  • New Link Added - Pejman Yousefzadeh
  • British Labour MP George Galloway "in Saddam's pay, say secret Iraqi documents"
  • Just a reminder - don't vote 'Conservative' in May!
  • The corpse of a 65-year old Muslim grandmother has been found covered in bacon in a hospital morgue
  • Further problems with Enetation 'commenting' script
  • Scottish Parliament elections - Thursday, 1 May 2003
  • Blame it on the Vikings
  • Problem with 'commenting' script solved
  • A brief 'Hiatus'
  • One more pleasure deemed bad for health - luckily summer is a comin' in
  • Can the US/UK coalition stop Iraqi politics spiralling out of control?
  • The toppling of Saddam's statue and the REAL significance of the flags, US and Iraqi
  • 'Commenting' script added
  • Tranquility, and equilibrium regained, during a walk on the beach
  • .... and the statue of Saddam falls!!!
  • Saddam Hussein falls - or at least his statue is about to
  • The BBC and HMS Ark Royal
  • Search my 'blog' with key-word queries
  • Joy in Baghdad at collapse of Saddam's regime - but there's anarchy, too
  • Did the US get Saddam in the attack on the al-Mansuur district of Baghdad?
  • Is a re-think in order about allegations of BBC bias?
  • The bizarre nature of some Google searches
  • New MiniPoll added: How should Iraq be administered once Saddam and the Ba'ath are gone?
  • Reports in the UK that the body of 'chemical' Ali has been found
  • Iraq - are we seeing the 'endgame'?
  • "J'accuse Jacques"
  • New Nairn Community Centre - proposed location on Viewfield
  • Broadcasting, Impartiality, the BBC - and Sullivan's boring monomania
  • Kuwaitis in no mood to be labelled poodles
  • Link added - BBC Reporters weblog
  • 'Mary Queen of Scots got her head chopped off' by Liz Lochhead
  • Prosecute the war against Saddam's Iraq ...... but PLEASE, PLEASE don't forget Zimbabwe

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