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March 2003
  • Rageh Omaar of the BBC rebuts allegations of bias toward the Iraq regime
  • Is Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld interfering too much in the war in Iraq?
  • Robin Cook wants British troops brought home from Iraq
  • Spring forward .... Fall back
  • Is the BBC biased toward Iraq or is it just reporting 'neutrally'?
  • At last! I've almost got my wine stock records just about in order
  • Blair and Bush Press Conference shows they are almost totally united
  • Iraq and propaganda
  • Andrew Sullivan continues his idiotic anti-BBC 'crusade'
  • The war in Iraq, the Middle East and Islam - and alleged media bias by the BBC
  • The war in Iraq - new 'MiniPoll' added
  • Zimbabwean cricketer Henry Olonga can't return home, for his own safety
  • Holiday trip aborted (Sigh!) ...
  • On 'hiatus' for a week
  • Michael Portillo - "they [the Conservative Party] still don't get it"
  • Tony Blair's dilemma - authorise military action or save his political career
  • Conservative 'repeal' & 'compromise' amendments on Section 28 fail (2 articles)
  • Hans Blix - who does he represent and to whom (the UN or Iraq)?

February 2003

  • Saddam's latest PR coup
  • Link Added - Pandagon (Jesse Taylor)
  • Scottish Conservatives to fight May 2003 Scottish elections on 'family values'
  • The Iraqi crisis and differences in strategy between the US and certain allies
  • Links added - InstaPundit (Glenn Reynolds). Slugger O'Toole (Mick Fealty).
  • Links added - AntiWar. Ted Barlow.
  • Links to other Weblogs - policy
  • War to remove Saddam Hussein's Iraqi regime is now almost inevitable

January 2003

  • Traces of the toxin ricin have been found in London
  • Lessons we must learn from North Korean blackmail in dealing with Iraq
  • Another year begins. A Happy and Successful 2003 and beyond

December 2002

  • "Iraq in material breach" says Secretary of State Colin Powell
  • Just how dark are the secrets of the Roman Catholic Church in England?
  • Cardinal Law of Boston resigns, at long last!!

November 2002

  • I'm on 'hiatus' until mid-November
  • Regina and Burrell - the case that should never have been brought

October 2002

  • House of Lords reject The Adoption and Children Bill
  • Britain's House of Lords today debates The Adoption and Children Bill
  • British MP George Galloway shows himself even more deluded than I had imagined
  • Clinton / Slick Willie at the Labour Party conference

Blog 'Current Posts'

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