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September 2002
  • Honesty in government British-style
  • Estelle Morris dismisses Sir William Stubbs
  • Edwina Currie and John Major
  • British government. Iraq document. Saddam Hussein
  • Conservative Party and Section 28
  • UN fudge on Iraq
  • Iraq. Weapons Inspectors. Unfettered access?
  • September 11. One year on
  • Iraq arms evidence real?
  • Baroness Janet Young dies. Reactionary force in British politics

August 2002

  • Thabo Mbeki and Robert Mugabe compared.
  • Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith. Irrelevant. Devastating criticism.
  • Iain Duncan Smith. Leadership of the Party. Survival of the Party.

July 2002

  • The Pope. Toronto. Canada.
  • Amanda Platell and the Conservative Party.
  • Propaganda against Gay Rights.
  • Australia. Melbourne. Afghan boys claim asylum at British Consulate.
  • Labour. Summer of discontent 2002. Winter of discontent 1978.
  • Duisenberg. Israel and Palestine. Flying a flag.

June 2002

  • OutRage and Peter Tatchell. Empty gesture politics. Spin.
  • Zimbabwe's tyrant Mugabe attends FAO World Food Summit in Rome

May 2002

  • President Bush and the 'War on Terrorism'
  • Cy Scott, 18, and his date, Paul Alexander barred from School Ball. Louisiana. Homophobia.
  • Marc Hall gets to take his 'beau' to the ball. Canada. Ontario. Homphobia overturned by court.
  • Antarctica - "Iceberg 10 times bigger than Manhattan falls into Sea" ( perhaps less serious than I thought)
  • European Union Day 9th May
  • Pim Fortuyn, Dutch politician killed. Holland. Homophobia. Right-wing?
  • Ann Winterton and '10 a penny' Pakistanis. British Conservative Party.
  • French presidential election. Le Pen concedes victory to Chirac.
  • Catholic church in US pulls out of agreement on compensation of paedophilia victims.
  • BNP win 3 seats in Burnley local council elections.

April 2002

  • Vatican responds to paedophilia by priests
  • French presidential elections. Le Pen wins through to second round. Lionel Jospin eliminated from race.
  • Israel and Palestine conflict. Blockade of Jenin (many articles on this matter).

Blog 'Current Posts'

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