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Copyright Notice
  • Original information, images and content in this website are the copyright © of William Cameron. However, permission is granted to quote from this information, always provided that the source is attributed.

  • Important notice: It is expressly forbidden to use in any manner any original information, images or content in this website without the source being so attributed or for any purpose which is, or could reasonably be construed to be, for profit.

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Terms of Use
  • This is a website free of pornographic text and images. Robust language is however sometimes used; this does not include profanity - ever.

  • Please note that, when posting comments in my 'Comments' area, or posting entries in my Guestbook or sending me e-mail, I welcome your comment and criticism, whether positive or negative; you are asked, however, to note that the use of profanity of any kind in expressing such comment will not be tolerated. Further, comments which may reasonably be construed as being racist, sectarian or homophobic in nature or which appear to have been made primarily to promote commercial activity will likewise not be tolerated. Anonymous abuse masquerading as negative criticism is not welcome, though - courtesy costs nothing. It is not essential to leave an e-mail address when leaving comments, but a minimum level of courtesy is hoped for and I do my best to reciprocate.

  • Links - I will not normally exercise my editorial right to expunge details of website links placed in my 'Comments' area or in the Guestbook by visitors unless, in my sole judgement, they link to websites which are primarily pornographic or obscene in nature or which have as their primary aim the promotion of racist, sectarian or homophobic beliefs or appear to have been included for the purpose of promotion of commercial activity (this will also apply to any reciprocal links in my website). Any link left at the foot of a message in my 'Comments' area or Guestbook should be to a website owned or operated by the person leaving the message; links to websites with which the person leaving the message has no connection will in all cases be deleted as they will be taken to imply misrepresentation. However, for the avoidance of doubt, it is expressly stated that no liability is accepted for the use of any reciprocal link or link placed in my 'Comments' area or Guestbook by visitors.

  • if you arrived at this Blog from a Web Search, you may have arrived at an archive page. To read recent comment, please click on 'Current Posts' under my Blog Links.
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  • most links in the main panel in the current or archive blog pages open in a new window; to come back to the blog, simply close the window.
Links Policy
  • The links I include are to other 'blogs' and websites which I consider worthy of mention. I endeavour to include a variety of 'blogs' which comment regularly on current affairs and politics, in terms of the locations of those who post them, and their points of view.
  • I happen to have [what I consider to be] a moderate 'right-of centre' view on many things, but whether someone classes him- or herself (or others do) as 'right-wing' or 'left-wing' will not be a major consideration for me. Provided the reasoning is fairly presented and cogently argued then I will consider them for inclusion - 'extremists' of whatever kind are highly unlikely to be considered.
  • Weblogs which hide under a veil of 'anonymity' and most specifically those where there is no transparent e-mail link to those who purport to post to them will under no circumstances be included, however amusing or interesting I may otherwise find them. I will mention briefly, and in passing, the names of blogs which fall into this category, without providing a link to them. Update - with effect from January 2005: I am modifying this part of my Links Policy. In future I will link to blogs which otherwise meet my links criteria, even if the writer does not provide clear information about him- or herself. I have come to believe that my existing policy has forced me to exclude from my blogroll a number of well-written and fascinating blogs, many of which I nevertheless follow regularly, using my Bloglines membership to scan their RSS feeds. My intention is to remove what I have come to believe is the illogicality, in practice, of my earlier policy.

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