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To start this off, this is a 'Before/After' photograph

The picture on the left was taken in Tenerife in November 2002, but my weight (around 98kg) remained pretty static until I commenced the diet on 15 June 2003. The picture on the right was taken on 15 February 2004 when my weight was about 64.8kg (a loss of 33.2kg). I have now slightly surpassed my target of 65 Kg.

If you would like to know about my progress on the Atkins 'way of eating (WOE)', please continue reading:

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The text in this section comprise all the journal entries I made on my progress on the Atkins 'way of eating' from the start until target. For the first couple of months the text is from entries made in my 'blog' (, but from then on the text comes from entries I made in an online Atkins bulletin board and is somewhat lengthier and more detailed. I continued to make 'summary' entries in my 'blog' as well, but I have not bothered reproducing those here although they all remain on my 'blog' so you can hunt them down if you want.

The Atkins programme comprises four separate stages:


It is recommended by Atkins that at least two weeks is spent in this stage, although upto six months is said to be acceptable. In the event I spent rather more than four months doing it and moved onto the next stage when I had around 7 Kg (15.5 Lb) left to lose. During my time on 'Induction' I lost around 26 Kg (57 Lb). Weight loss is very rapid at the beginning, but becomes progressively slower as time goes on - this is part of the Atkins plan to allow one to re-learn more beneficial dietary habits.


Atkins recommends remaining on this stage until one has 2 to 4.5 Kg (5 to 10 Lb) left to lose. I made the move when I had about 3 Kg (6.5 Lb) left to lose and spent 6 or 7 weeks doing so;  in other words, during that time I reduced my weight by only 4 Kg (about 9 Lb).


Atkins recommends spending a minimum of one month on this stage, during which time the rate of weight loss should continue to slow. In the event I spent almost exactly two months on this stage and I very slightly exceeded (deliberately) the remaining weight loss (3Kg, or 6.5 Lb) to target by losing 3.2 Kg (7 Lb).


This is where I am now.

The links introducing each section above (and repeated below in the link bar) are to journal entries written during the different stages. I plan to remain on 'Lifetime Maintenance' indefinitely. It is enjoyable, I am never hungry and I feel a lot better than I have for many years. Read on if you want to learn more, and thanks for your time.


There is a separate page to cover this subject in general, because of its importance in ensuring 'regularity', plus sources for psyllium husks (not widely available in the UK except perhaps from health food stores).


Although I mention in my journal entries the supplements I take, and the changes in what I take, this page will show the overall position, updated from time to time to reflect any changes I make.

|  Induction  |  Ongoing Weight Loss |  Pre-maintenance |  Lifetime Maintenance  |  Fibre/Psyllium Husks  |  Vitamins/Minerals  |

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